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Fumaça Island Seating Cabinet - 1200

Fumaça Island Seating Cabinet - 1200

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A stunning new addition to the Fumaça cabinet family designed by Debs Winrow, our good friend from Garden House Designs down on the beach in Sussex.  

Debs wanted a specific cabinet for one of her clients outdoor kitchens to allow for a true kitchen island to be designed into the layout. 

This cabinet enables a lovely L shape formation with a true kitchen island arrangement where friends and family can lounge as you prepare the feast, or simply a place to catch a quiet moments reflection with your morning cup of tea.

The island cabinet can be arranged as 4 units to allow for a huge central island, perhaps with BBQ or sink on the other side to create a truly interactive outdoor island arrangement where all can gather and be involved with preparing your feast. 

1200 mm x 650 mm x 900 mm

Price excludes stools 

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