Delivery and Installation

We manufacture and install premium outdoor kitchens that require expert fitting skills to ensure a successful installation is achieved.

Please find full details of our approach to our installations, costs of installation and the key aspects you will need to ensure are in place before your installation date.

The delivery charges shown online include the installation of your kitchen by our team of trained professional fitters.

  • Delivery - Orders £0.00 to £300 - £12.00 
  • Delivery - Orders £300 to £1,999 - £25.00 
  • Delivery and Installation - Orders £2,000 to £5,000 - £500.00 
  • Delivery and Installation - Orders £5,001 to £10,000 - £750.00 
  • Delivery and Installation - Orders £10,001 to £20,000 - £1,000.00 
  • Delivery and Installation - Orders over £20,000 - £1,500.00 

Our expert installation team will install your outdoor kitchen as per the agreed design, however connecting services is not part of the Fumaça installation. Any utility service connections will need to be handled separately with your local electrical and plumbing contractors, of course we are always on hand to assist in supporting you on this aspect.

You will only require services if you are having a fridge, sink or would like a mains gas supply, if your kitchen does not have any of these elements, you will not need the services aspect.  

We will pre-assemble your kitchen cabinets into its design formation in our Surrey workshop to ensure everything is manufactured correctly to our high standards, we then pack it up on our delivery vehicle, drive it your home and assemble it in your chosen location.

We will confirm you are ready and prepared for your kitchen 2 weeks before the installation date to ensure any services required are ready and that the location for your kitchen is complete to ensure a smooth installation of your Fumaça kitchen.

The team will assemble the kitchen and take all the packaging away, ready for you to enjoy your first experience with your new Fumaça outdoor kitchen.