Outdoor living, cooking and entertaining. 

We design and manufacture bespoke outdoor kitchens from our workshops in the Surrey Hills, England. 

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We combine our UK manufactured cabinet furniture with some of the worlds finest outdoor cooking appliances, cookware and outdoor living brands to create beautiful outdoor living spaces.

We apply the same uncompromising focus on the design and functionality to our cabinetry that you would look for in your indoor kitchen; and we style our kitchens to best complement your already wonderful home. 

Our kitchens range in price from £8,000 to £20,000 (and more) depending on number of cabinets and appliance choices.

Inspired by the world, proudly made in England!

Here at Fumaça we live and breath outdoor living...

And we are dedicated to helping our customers create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that enhance their homes and lifestyles. 

We have been developing the Fumaça kitchen furniture range for several years and feel we have got it just right.

Having searched the market and tested as many products as we can, we are offering a small and carefully thought out collection of products that have captured our attention and are the ones we have in our own homes.

With a wide range of high-quality products and expert design and installation services, we can help you transform your outdoor space into a destination that is perfect for hosting friends and family, and making any occasion special.

Whether you are a casual burger flipper, a seasoned grill master or an all round garden entertainer, Fumaça has the products and expertise to help you bring your outdoor living dreams to life.

  • Why choose an outdoor kitchen?

    An outdoor kitchen will be an extension of your living space, multifunctional areas that can be used for relaxing, dining and entertaining. It will create a natural bridge between the interior of your home and the outside world, giving you a way to use your outdoor space as you would your day to day kitchen, and will allow you to enjoy and be immersed in nature more often in the comfort of your home. 

    Outdoor living advantages 
  • Design specifics

    In an ideal outdoor kitchen design you really want to maximise your worktop area allowing you to be organised and prepared when it comes to those big summer alfresco gatherings when there will be a place for everything and all your friends and family can get involved in the fun of throwing an outdoor party in and around your outdoor kitchen space.

    Thinking about design 
  • Longevity worries?

    Its important to choose a brand that is manufacturing the kitchens with high quality materials and components that can withstand the elements, wood for example splits and moves a lot through the seasons, it is also a flammable material and so not the best material choice of material to use around live open fires. Look for manufacturers that not only offer great style and design but also provide a product that will withstand the year round weather for years to come. 

    Made to last