Trade Partnerships

If you are in the trade, we would love to work with you in 2024. Please get in touch to see how we could work together. We offer a trade discount and full service support to design and install a Fumaca outdoor kitchen on your project. 

We work with Garden Designers, Landscapers, Architects, Interior Designers and Property Developers. If thats something your business would be interested in including as part of your offer, please get in touch and lets start working together.   

We can be fully engaged to develop the design directly with your customers, or work behind the scenes with you allowing you to take the lead on the design and sales process with the Fumaca team supporting you in the background, what ever way works best for you.

The Core Range:

  • Fully modular cabinet system that can be set up in any combination and shape layout.
  • 4 colour combinations.
  • 12 styles of cabinet modules, sizes are 1200 x 650 & 600 x 650.
  • Bespoke cabinet options available.
  • Wide range of appliances available, can supply from most brands.
  • We are based in Farnham Surrey and all our cabinets are Made in England.

The Service Package we can provide:

  • All marketing content from Fumaca website will be available for use on partners own websites and you can state you are a Fumaca Retail Partner.
  • Design and Installation by Fumaca.
  • We will provide you with everything you need to support the sale with your customer.
  • Fumaca will provide a set of marketing flyers to leave with your customers. 
  • Free 3D drawings to share with your customers and support your development process.
  • Free CAD drawings to add to your design package.
  • We will send free sample packs to your customers showing all the materials used in the cabinet system.
  • Fumaca will carry out all installation and delivery to suit your project timings. 

Design to Installation

  • Initial Design

    4 Cabinet arrangement with island seating

  • Installation

    Coupling the cabinets on site and carrying out the final levelling.

  • Finished Kitchen

    £8,640 + vat - Full retail price (excludes appliances)